Juicy Wisdom designer series t-shirt collection “Creative Clothing for Intelligent Minds” depicts the grace and genius of the world’s great thinkers, philosophers and spiritual leaders of all times.

Our purpose, as a visual expression, is to reflect the positive vibe from our collective spiritual pool of knowledge. Our goal is to represent a way of thinking that evokes thought, emotion, and the oneness we all share with each other and the universe. ‘To be truly happy is to benefit the whole.’ Juicy Wisdom encourages communication finding connection within ourselves and each other.

Juicy Wisdom was founded by Wendy Putnam, M.A., an accomplished fine artist, teacher and film maker who has committed her life to making a positive difference in the world. Ms. Putnam earned a B.F.A. in design and an M.A. in documentary film from Florida Atlantic University.

“Letting the people we encounter everyday see the light in us honors our world by contributing something beautiful, truthful and positive. We are making a positive difference in the world one shirt at a time…and now we extend the invitation to you.”